Portento Audio - Pier Paolo Prospero

Pier Paolo Prospero
CEO of Portento Audio Srl

Portento Audio was born in Venaria Reale, Italy, in 2014.

His founder, Pier Paolo Prospero, loves music since he was a child and plays electric bass from 1979. After working in software houses for more than 20 years, he decided to found his own company based on his passion: music, nothing else…

The mission is to offer to the worldwide Hi-End market hand-crafted products with a high level of construction, design and quality. The use of selected materials and custom created parts mixed with some Pier’s intuitions deliver a unique, reliable and durable artisanal product made in Italy.

Each cable is personally hand-crafted by Pier Paolo Prospero himself to ensure the highest standard. This also allows to satisfy special requests for custom products.

Portento Audio is proud to offer a wide variety of high-end products devoted to the audio and video lovers: Analogue & digital cables (divided into four series: Performer, Musica, Reference and Signature), The Power series, including power distributors and filters, Headphones and adapters, custom cables.