Portento Audio mission aims to preserve the musical message in its entirety. The subtle harmonic nuances contribute to reproduce a realistic soundstage and a natural timbre join, at the same time, with a large bandwidth and dynamic extension which make music more exciting. Our accessories are like that: musicality, soundstage, transparency and dynamics obtained without favoring any specific frequency range, for a true Hi-End experience.

The Series: A Wide Choice Covering All Your Needs

If you’re looking for superior quality, or if your desire is to find a mix of quality and price without compromises, Portento Audio offers you a list of choices covering every need: interconnect cables, digital cables, speaker cables, power cables, headphones and custom cables, power filters and distributors.

The new entry-level series

Cavo di segnale Performer RCA
Serie Musica

Interconnect Cables, Speaker Cables, Power Cables

Portento Audio - Reference 2 RCA

Interconnect Cables, Speaker Cables, Power Cables

Portento Audio Power Signature cable

Power Cables

Cavo USB Copper One Dual Headed con alimentazione separata

S/PDIF, AES/EBU, USB  Digital Cables

Portento Audio Incanto Audeze cable

Headphones Cables

Powercond MKII

Power Filters & Distributors


We are authorized resellers of the following products

MrSpeakers headphones family

MrSpeakers Headphones

SPL Pro-Fi

SPL Pro-Fi Series

Sap Relaxa 750

SAP Relaxa Floating Boards

oyaide plugs

Oyaide Power Plugs

Ansuz Acoustics Darkz Ceramic

Ansuz Acoustic Darkz Resonance Control

Portento Audio Hi-Fi Cables & Accessories products share the same features

  • Handmade

  • Manufactured in Italy

  • Attention to detail

  • Function Test

  • Endless Customization Possibilities

  • Life warranty for all the cables

  • Lead-free soldering with 4% silver and 1% copper

  • Astonishing Value for Money

  • Use of High Quality Equipment and Materials

  • Refined Design

  • Use of Customized Materials

  • Packaging

  • Cables Directionality

  • Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Support

  • 14 Days Trial Period


We’ll participate to the following exhibitions

Radisson Blu Sobieski hotel – Warsaw

8/9/10 November 2019

Room 222