Let your Hi-End system sounds at its best!

The Series: A Wide Choice Covering All Your Needs

If you’re looking for superior quality, or if your desire is to find a mix of quality and price without compromises, Portento Audio offers you a list of choices covering every need: interconnect cables, digital cables, speaker cables, power cables, headphones and custom cables, power filters and distributors.

Portento Audio mission aims to preserve the musical message in its entirety. The subtle harmonic nuances contribute to reproduce a realistic soundstage and a natural timbre join, at the same time, with a large bandwidth and dynamic extension which make music more exciting. Our accessories are like that: musicality, soundstage, transparency and dynamics obtained without favoring any specific frequency range, for a true Hi-End experience.

Portento Audio Hi-Fi Cables & Accessories products share the same features

  • Handmade

  • Manufactured in Italy

  • Attention to detail

  • Function Test

  • Endless Customization Possibilities

  • Life warranty for all the cables

  • Lead-free soldering with 4% silver and 1% copper

  • Astonishing Value for Money

  • Use of High Quality Equipment and Materials

  • Refined Design

  • Use of Customized Materials

  • Packaging

  • Cables Directionality

  • Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Support

  • 14 Days Trial Period