“MELODIA” headphones cable


Machined Aluminum Portento Audio Splitter

6N 24AWG pure copper conductors

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MELODIA headphones cable

A no-compromise cable for all hedphones lovers!
6N copper conductors.
Extremely flexible.
A sleeving in a fabric black hose is used to protect the cable.

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Abyss AB-1266, Audeze LCD Series/Meze Empyrean/Kennerton Odin, Vali, Beyerdynamic T1/T5p Mk II, Focal Stellia/Elear/Elegia/Clear, Klipsch HP3, Focal Utopia, Hifiman HE series (screw-in type SMC), Hifiman HE1000/400s/560/Susvara, Audioquest NightHawk/NightOwl, Oppo PM1/PM2 (2.5mm micro jack), Hifiman HE1000se/6se/new 400i/Sundara/Ananda/Arya (3.5mm jack), Mr. Speakers Ether/Aeon/Alpha Dog, Sennheiser HD580/HD600/HD650/HD6XX/HD58X, Sennheiser HD8xx(s)/CA Cascade/Dharma D1000, Spirit Torino, Denon D600/D5200/D7100/D7200/D9200, Kennerton Magister

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