Reference 2 Interconnect XLR Cable

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Reference 2 Interconnect XLR Cable


This is the reference product for the most demanding audiophile customer: it features a balanced cable with a solid core 7n mono crystal copper with low capacity, triple shielding, conductors isolated individually and a structure targeted to minimize the skin effect.

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The Reference series goes beyond the already exceptional features of the Musica series. A greatly extended soundstage without any focus loss, articulated basslines and great dynamics, a transparent medium band providing natural vocals, and top refined high freqs.
The Portento Audio trade-mark, together with a total lack of grana, great transparency and detail, and a superior fluidity of sound, brings you an unprecedented realistic sound reproduction.
Available in balanced version with XLR Viablue T6s connectors Viablue or in semi-balanced single ended version with Portento Audio RCA connectors.

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