Musica Power Link Cable

Musica Power Link Cable


  • 4mm² OFC copper conductors
  • AIST proprietary shielding technology
  • Amagnetic aluminum proprietary shells
  • High Quality gold plated Schuko and IEC plugs

Available with EU or US plug
Additional meters +40%

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The power line quality represents a pivotal feature in order to achieve the best performance. Portento audio responds to this need with a power cord which has perfect performance levels and fits with any electronics, source or power. Thanks to AIST technology, Power Link works exactly as an efficient filter which literally cleans all noises coming from the ground of our electrical system, and by doing so it frees up incredible micro and macro dynamics.
The more subtle nuances are reproduced with rich harmonics and detail, while transparency grows without turning towards cold tones. Soundstage and layers are represented with great realism, and provide a great sensation of breathe between instruments with a total hi-end performance.

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Plug type

EU Schuko, US NEMA

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