Oyaide P-029e

Oyaide P-029e

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Schuko power plug

The basic material is pure brass for P-029/C-029. Its rigidty makes the contact secure.
The blade of P-029 would often be oxidized because of its material, pure brass.
When it happens, you need to polish it out frequently by cotton cloth.
100% Made in Japan


Oyaide P-029e

Contacts: pure brass
No plating
Body and casing: High density PBT is mixed with 30% glass filler for rigidty, thermal stability and high resonance absorption. Polycarbonate.
Cable O.D. Range: Minimum 6.5 mm / Maximum 17.0 mm
Maximam wire gauge: AWG10(5.5sq)
V/A: 250V 16A CE

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