Oyaide P-079e

Oyaide P-079e

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Schuko power plug

The Oyaide P-079e is made from super thick (0.2micron) 24K GOLD plating directly on polished surface of receptacle and blade. Polishing process again (twice) on the 24K GOLD plated surface. Construction method is alike except direct 24k extra thick plating on polished receptacles and blades.

100% Made in Japan


Oyaide P-079e

Contacts: deoxidized phosphor bronze (1.4mm thick)
Plating: 24k gold (nichel-free)
Body and casing: High density PBT is mixed with 30% glass filler for rigidty, thermal stability and high resonance absorption. Polycarbonate.
Cable O.D. Range: Minimum 6.5 mm / Maximum 17.0 mm
Maximam wire gauge: AWG10(5.5sq)
V/A: 250V 16A CE

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