Powerclean Ultra

Powerclean Ultra

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Parallel Portento Audiophile Filter (PAF).
EMI/RFI Filter.
1:1 decoupling 450 VA encapsulated toroidal transformer.
VIMAR universal outlet.
Potted circuit board to prevent microphonic effects.

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Starting from technology and know-how used on the Powercond, Portento Audio is proud to present his new line of single power filters called Powerclean.
All Powerclean products (as all the Electronics Series products) are equipped with the parallel Portento Audiophile Filter (PAF).
The Powerclean Ultra mounts, other than parallel PAF and serial EMI/RFI filters, an audiophile decoupling transformer (450va encapsulated) in order to achieve the galvanic insulation of the device.
The Powerclean Ultra it’s particularly recommended for digital sources and PCs, in order to prevent interferences generated by the same devices.

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